• A sales contract for purchasing the Products can be concluded for delivery to the following countries: the Republic of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland and Germany. The Products shall be delivered to the address indicated by the User via the selected delivery method whereas the delivery options shall be displayed in the e-shop before the completion of the purchase. Among other options it is possible to pick up the Products from Eurosec’s service point at Treiali tee 2-7, Peetri alevik, Rae vald 75312, Harjumaa, Estonia.
  • Upon receipt of the product, the User undertakes to inspect the packaging of the products and in case of any external damages notify Eurosec thereof without any delay via e-mail
  • Eurosec assumes that the User shall personally accept the Products at the delivery address. Eurosec or a transport service provider engaged by Eurosec may deliver the Products to another person present at the delivery address who may reasonably be considered to be the User’s representative (e.g. a family member in case of a natural person, a front desk clerk in case of an office).
  • If Products are to be collected at Eurosec’s service point, such Products will only be available at the opening hours of the service point which can be found on Eurosec’s website
  • The User agrees that if the User is unable to accept the Products at a time agreed upon with Eurosec (this includes both delivery of the Products to the User and collection of the Products by the User), then Eurosec is liable for destruction, loss of or damage caused to the Products only in case of intentional or gross negligence breach by Eurosec. If the User is at fault for the delay in acceptance, the User undertakes to compensate to Eurosec the delivery fee if the Products are to be delivered again.

  • Delivery time is from 1 working day depending on delivery method and country
  • Delivery cost is from 3.60 (incl. VAT) depending on delivery method and country.
  • Free shipping can apply for bigger orders or B2B customers