Weapons & Systems

We provide full range of small, medium and large caliber weapon systems (only gov. sales), spare parts and accessories as well service and maintenance. 

Ammunition & explosives

We offer small, medium and large caliber ammunition as well pyrotechnics and explosives including grenades, signaling and non-lethal solutions. 


We develop and manufacture personal ballistic protection systems. We are one of few (or only one) in the Baltic states having NIJ 0101.06 certified ballistic panels.

Tactical Equipment

Eyewear, communication, clothing, footwear, tents, shelters, backpacks, belts, vests, protection, sleeping gear, cutlery - you name it.

Night vison & Optics

Our range includes different night vision systems from intensified to thermal and hybrid (fuse) systems. Also we do offer EO/IR payloads and solutions for border control.


We provide boats, safety solutions, unmanned systems, sensors, special and tactical equipment including diving equipment.

Aviation & GSE

We offer full range of pilot equipment, special clothing and , night vision, ground support equipment and aircraft spare parts and maintenance (for specific models)

personal protection equipment

Head-, eye-, hearing-, respiratory-, chemical-, biological-, industrial protection. We offer PPE solutions for every situation. 


Security solutions for airports, prisons, government, banks schools and other institutions with higher security standards and risks.


One of our main categories where we offer everything from tactical equipment to detection systems, riot control, speed measurement and special equipment.

rescue & Fire safety

Fire and rescue special equipment, vehicles, fire safety (smoke, CO, CO2 alarms and sensors), clothing, PPE equipment.


Eurosec distributes and produces limited range of disposable medical devices as well equipment (AED-s, equipment, x-rays).