Our new web-shop is Here!

Saturday, March 20, 2021
Faster and easier shopping experience!
It will take little time to finalize all details and use its full potential but until then we are open for registered B2B customers  (a customer agreement is required for registration. Send e-mail info@eurosec.ee to register) as soon we finalize integration with payment solution providers we enable shop for private customers as well.

Our new platform makes us more efficient, enables us to increase number of products in the shop and also shortens sales process and delivery times. For customers, especially registered customers, whole purchasing process will be more convenient and significantly faster. Registered customers can see full history of their transactions and product return is made easier as well.

For registered B2B customers, new feature is option to generate quotes without any external assistance. This is great feature for situations where quick quotes are needed for procurement process. For every registered customer who has signed customer agreement, we offer payment terms and special offers.

Give us a little time once all content and products are uploaded. Till then - enjoy!